Back to school for Palestine ISD

Palestine ISD Texas School Districts

Image: US Department of Education via Flickr

I can’t believe it is already back to school time again! It will be Christmas before we know it! Palestine ISD is officially back in school. As teachers, students and parents face the New Year head on; I wanted to give everyone a big thumbs up and cheers to the new school year! I hope this year is great for everyone!

Need to lookup some Palestine ISD info? See below for links to the websites and phone numbers for each campus.

Palestine Texas School Districts Real Estate

Palestine ISD Administration    903-731-8000

Palestine Texas ISD Campuses:
Palestine High School: 903-731-8005
Palestine Middle School/Junior High: 903-731-8008
Story Intermediate: 903-731-8015
Southside Elementary: 903-731-8023
Northside Primary: 903-731-8020
Washington Early Childhood: 903-731-8030

~~~~Have a great year everyone!~~~~

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