This Week’s Palestine Rentals – My Openings as of November 19, 2014

Palestine TX House for rent

This Week’s Palestine Rentals – My Openings as of November 19, 2014

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Three Bedrooms For Rent in Palestine, TX

3 bedroom / 2 bath – $895


2 bed/1 bath duplex in PISD – Will be ready in next 2 weeks – $750/mo

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An Unsolicited Opinion on Boxwoods: A Shrub Rant

Palestine Realtor Opinion on Boxwoods

Boxwoods are a common landscaping shrub and can be found in almost every neighborhood (and probably every street) in Palestine. You may not know what a boxwood is off the top of your head, but you’ll recognize it in the pics, I promise!

Image: ian munroe via Flickr

These low-cut boxwoods are typical of the landscaping style in Palestine, Texas.  I bet you recognize them now!      😉         Image: ian munroe via Flickr

Oh…boxwoods…I have a love-hate relationship with them.  Don’t get me wrong…I am not a complete boxwood hater. Well, maybe I am. The photo above is a great use of boxwoods–they are clean and crisply manicured and they definitely add interest to the landscaping.  I like boxwoods when they are not the ONLY landscaping in a yard and when they are mixed in with other (preferably blooming) shrubs.  However, boxwoods can also date a house, especially when it is the only shrubbery in sight.  This is a prime example of the dating effect that boxwoods can have (the green shutters don’t help either, but that’s another post 😉 ): Continue reading

1015 N. Fowler – Palestine TX – SOLD

This lovely 2 bedroom 1 bath Historic Tudor Cottage is now SOLD and with it’s new owners. Congratulations to both my clients on the sale & purchase of this great home in Palestine, Texas!

1015 N. Fowler Palestine TX 2 bedroom house is now SOLD!

1015 N. Fowler is now SOLD!

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Price Reduction: 5 bedroom 2.5 Bath Brick House in Palestine, Texas!

Price Reduced 5 bedroom house in Palestine Texas For Sale

This home is gorgeous. Price reduced to $130,000!  2200 Square feet! Checkout the video or the property website at This one has it all and the owner is STILL making upgrades! This is a true turn-key 100% move-in ready house in Palestine!

Call or text Lisa Priest, REALTOR with Picket Fence Realty in Palestine, Texas to view this incredible home at 903-948-3343.

Old House Love: 6 Cool Features of Historic Properties

Old House Love - cool features of historic property palestine tx

Palestine has the second highest number of Victorian and historic homes in Texas (Galveston wins 1st prize). With so many historic properties, I am lucky to get to see many of these spectacular treasures! Of course, I have an extreme obsession  fondness for historic properties.  One of these days, I will make a post on the restoration of our office, an 1895 Victorian home that had suffered from decades of 1970s-era decorating..but that is a post for another day 😜 Historic homes have their own set of hurdles and owning/restoring one is definitely a labor of love, but daaaannnng the fruits of your labor are well worth it in the end!

So, without further delay, I present to you the 6 coolest features of historic homes: Continue reading

BIY: The DIY for the anti-DIYer

BIY: The DIY for the anti-DIYer

Save 20% When You BIY Instead of DIY??  surpriseThat’s some serious Cash-ola!! surprise

You are probably asking yourself: What the heck is “BIY???”

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